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Daraty is a hardware toolkit aims to teach kids the principles of electronics without the need of expert supervision. The kit is connected with a mobile application which includes interactive quizzes and children-friendly scientific content. This application guides the kids in their circuit design, by detecting circuit errors and explaining to the kids how these errors can be corrected. It also keeps a profile for every kid to track his/her progress and to share new circuits with the network.

Daraty kit is designed to be children friendly and extensible. It uses animated cartoons to engage the kids in the learning process, and can support multiple languages (with current focus on Arabic). New circuit elements can be introduced by means of additional plugins, in order to support building more sophisticated circuits.

What makes Daraty special is the built-in circuit detection algorithm that can detect any circuit combination: what is the circuit combined on the kit board, what are its elements, and where each one of them is located. Based on this detection, Daraty team is designing an interactive tutoring system that will interact with the child and help him/her to complete the assigned missions.

Daraty team is working to influence the development of traditional methods of teaching into more entertaining and interactive one using edutainment. Among their goals they care the most about improving self-learning concept in children’s education from early age in addition to developing their logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Website: daraty.com
Email: contact@daraty.com
Facebook Page: facebook.com/DaratyCom
Twitter Account: twitter.com/DaratyCom
Phone: +963-11-6626010, ext: 404
Mobile: +963-991647379
Address: ICT Incubator, Mazzeh, Damascus, Syria